Playpen mourns the sad demise this morning of Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) Shafiqul Quader, former In-House Doctor and husband of our ex - Principal Mrs Shahriar Quader, Inna Lillahey Wa Inna Ilaihey Rajeun! May The Almighty Allah grant him Jannah.Ammen.



To realize the full potential, children need to be given a well-balanced programme in a creative learning environment. Playpen was born with this in mind. Emphasis on individual attention necessitates teaching children in small groups. Our curriculum is carefully designed to assist in the all round development of students by successfully integrating modern and traditional curricula. Our students acquire a genuine love for learning, and develop disciplined habits of body and mind. All of this together help guide them through their childhood and young adulthood.

Education programme covers all the necessary subjects required for the Cambridge International Examinations. At the same time, we have ensured well-rounded development by expanding our range of extra-curricular activities to include Music, Dance, Art, Games, Physical Education, Debate etc.trusted replica watch sites Playpen is considered as one of the leading innovators of education in the country.

Welcome to Playpen. We assure you of the best possible care and education for your child.