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The school operates two sections on different premises.

      1. Junior section consists of classes from Playgroup to Std. II
      2. The senior section has classes from III to XII


Vice Principals are appointed to ensure that classes assigned to them function smoothly. They supervise academics and some related administrative issues. All Vice Principals work with the consent of the Principal.

Both the premises have generators supported classes to create a comfortable atmosphere for students in case of electricity failure. Mineral water for drinking is provided on each floor of the buildings.

In Junior classes, each section has a class teacher as well as a co-teacher to provide students with individual attention.



Playpen has a team of well qualified experienced caring teachers. Apart from in house training, teachers attend all the CIE teacher’s training made available to schools.



Playpen is committed to providing all teachers with CIE O and A level training whenever available so that they acquire and expand their knowledge and skills of best practices when teaching students.